Well I’ve been greatly absent from this blog, but I have been writing a.k.a working ­čÖé

While I have this one (Not contracted)project in the works, I also been working on what I’m calling it Untitled because I don’t have a title for it but I’m creating┬áthe world and the character’s story and I’d personally think it will be a fun writing experience when Winter breaks comes along.

I’m having two of my friends reading the first chapter of the one project that is in worked but I’m waiting for feedback which hopefully┬áwill be soon, so I can figure out how to make it better ­čÖé

I will be starting school in a few weeks so I won’t be able to write as much as I do now ­čśŽ but during my days off from reality (every four weeks on a Friday)┬áIn better sense my next fourth friday is August 31st, then it will be September 28th when I can write again (if school work doesn’t required research). I’ll be doing a lot of Bowling Training as well since I’ll┬ábe trying out for the Collegiate bowling team (whew talk about pressure!)

So whenever the free time comes, I’ll be bowling or writing ­čÖé

Opinions . . . I need Opinions

So Yes I’m working and writing, it’s a long process and I wish I could say it was done now but here’s the other thing that is putting a hurdle in my path.

Vampires . . . my WIP book has vampires, I know vampires been the trend but now I fear that by the time this book comes out, Vampires will fade away.

I only have a little over a month to do work because then I’ll be back in school doing studies and will have only a limited time of writing.

So in your Opinions, would you read another vampire book? or would you read what now trending for 2013?

I do have some outlines for witches to be involved in the story but they will be brief in book one and possibly book two.

The outline of this book I have is three total and while I have scattered thoughts about how those two book will beat the beginning of the story.

I will work on the summary, plot of the books as I continue to write . . . and I should be able to this week during another hot few days and I hope to have some vacationing with my mom whose on vacation as well. Traveling always get my thoughts turning.

Leave comments! ­čÖé


Happy July!

Well its not exactly a happy, comfortable beginning of July with the Heat Wave that we’re getting.

I have been trying to work hard on my book, but laptop gets overheated so I am limited. I do used the Ipad more than my laptop right now but I have nothing from what I’m working on in the Ipad. I am writing a different book on the Ipad but I come to realizes that I need a keyboard so my wrists don’t hurt plus the keyboard on the Ipad is too small for me to use with both hand.

Also I might write a Novella that will lead onto the actual full length novel that I’m writing, just so my readers have a insight on one of the characters that is a majority of the Novel length.

As far as publishing both or either, the Novella shouldn’t be a problem having it converted in e-format and the full length I don’t┬áanticipate┬áto come out till the new year.

My goal is to have the novel out by the new year, and that will come out as e-format then I’ll work on getting it in print.

Well that all for now . . . check back for more update.

Oh Dear!

Oh Boy, I’m a little behind on this blog about my writing. . . .

The updates, I’m currently on Chapter 7 in the manuscript of Immortal Life.

I’m loving it so far, here the thing about my writing style.

One. I write numberous rough drafts and scenes

Two, I have to continuously read my stuff, putting things in or out.

Third, It a craft that cannot be rushed, I work daily about 2 hours plus more. But I try to spend as much time writing as I do for reading books.

The whole putting the book together is like a sewing process, I’m not in the middle of the book I’m early in the book.

The process of Publishing will be another challenge after I get someone to fix my grammar and other stuff.

Marcus and Krista

It’s been awhile since we had a character come and make a visit, luckily we have two who knows just about everything you need to know about immortality. Marcus and Krista

They’re here to talk about the vampire world that is blended with us humans, so first question . . .

Who came up with the idea of blood banks, blood suppliers for vampires?
M: it was up to the elders, after some odd-centuries they were fascinated by science and saw something new.
K: And it less messy than the old bite and drain

You have people who offers their blood to the vamps, why you think that is?
K: I gave my blood to Marcus because he needed it at the time of the situation
M: yeah I wish you hadn’t done it but I was a little less inclined to say no. And to answer your question, most time the humans are paid to be a walking supplier, others are willing to give out their blood.

There are rules to the vampire world, correct?
M & K: Yes
M: it’s a complicated thing

Marcus, Krista is known to have the ability to see the future . . . do you have any abilities?

M: No, Krista must have some family lineage that has that ability. You don’t get abilities when you’re turned. At least from what I know.

Well that is all for the day as Krista and Marcus are continuing their time together travel the world.

Naming the characters

How do I come up with the names from the 3-4 books ideas.

No I didn’t use a baby book name, yes I used Baby Names website as well middle and last name website.

But now I officially got a baby names book and No I am not pregnant, obviously some people just assume the reasons why I brought a book on babies names thus jumps to conclusion.

Immortal Life:

Krista just came to me . . .yes just came to me and I created her story

Marcus is a name that is used often in vampire tales but I wanted to create Marcus who actually had a nice side

Vision Of Wolf:

It was originally just Sam and Kaia but then I thought of Deven.

Yes that how i wrote his name, he is the black wolf with a gold heart

Sam pretty simple, I know a few friends name Sam and I like it (sort of, it’s pretty common now)

Kaia is pretty unique and so is she . . .


simple just thought of the name

and David I’ve alway like that name no matter what

as for Liam it was again research for a name that was irish.


Busy Brains

My brain been busy with the art of writing, I have developed another storyline that I think I will pursude when Megan is done and Immortal Life . . .

What is the new storyline I created? Well all I can say is that your name should be sacred, your life should be private and never let anyone know your darkest and deepest secret.

Megan is progressing a little slow but that is because Ive been slammed with other works. Starting May 9th I’ll be back to working.

I have also been looking at publishers in my area and found a few so after one book is DONE, I will submit and be on the way to writing career.